20 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Lawn Care Services

Maintaining a lawn requires more than hard work and consistency. It requires techniques, tools, expertise, and experience. Most people hire lawn care services to maintain their lawns throughout the year due to the hassle of keeping up with them. Every lawn needs to be cared for according to its requirements based on the weather, environment, land, and soil. As a beginner or with some experience, many seasonal and annual lawn care needs to be performed that you may need to remember or do properly. Therefore, lawn care services save your garden when you are swept with work and life, preparing the lawn in time for each season. 

Although before selecting a lawn care provider, you must carefully research them. Here are some questions that you may have about lawn care services. 

20 Most Asked Questioned About Lawn Care Services

If you are thinking about getting lawn care services then start with understanding what different lawn care services are and what procedures they entail. This will make it easy for you to make the right choice for your lawn. Here are things that you need to know.

Should I go for lawn care services?

Your lawn requires proper, timely attention; while you can apply fertilizer or herbicides[1], it must be done correctly. With their experience and expertise, professional lawn care services providers give your lawn the best timely treatment it needs so it has your dream lawn look throughout the year. If you want to rid yourself of the hassle of managing the lawn and want it maintained consistently, then lawn care services are for you.

What are their core services and benefits?

Before selecting a lawn care provider, you should always check for their primary services, things they are experts at. This will help you to shortlist them as it will show if they align with your green turf lawn issues and goals. Sometimes companies offer all types of lawn care services, and you need to detect them for overpromising, covering every aspect of lawn care. Hence you need to know their core services and benefits backed by qualifications and reviews.  

What is the experience and expertise of the team?

Checking the team’s expertise is essential to know the company’s overall skill level. This will also assure you that whoever is assigned to your lawn care service will be fit for the job. Furthermore, you can ask if constant training is provided to the team to use improved lawn care procedures. For this, you can also ask for the licenses and credentials of the team members. 

Who will be assigned to my lawn care and what is their level of expertise?

Apart from the general information you acquire from the company, you must inquire about the team member who will be servicing your property. This will prepare you beforehand for the person you will be dealing with. You can ask about the technician’s credentials and experience. 

How are you different than other lawn care providers?

There are many lawn care providers offering a variety of services. When shortlisting a lawn care services provider, you must ask them about the values that set them apart. When interacting with them, you also need to observe their ways. This will make it easier for you to select the one.

What are your lawn treatment programs and the specifics included in them?

This is the central question you will ask as it directly relates to your lawn care. Lawn care providers have different treatments to cater to various issues of your lawn. Understanding what each treatment entails will help you select the one that fits your lawn needs, and you can take out the things you don’t want from the treatment. You will learn the things not included in the treatments and what you can add. Many companies can reel you in on their expensive programs and upsell you the services you need later. 

What lawn maintenance products do you use, and are they safe?

There are many different chemicals and spays used to tackle lawn problems. Lawn treatments use these types of products to control weeds and pests. It is necessary to know which products the lawn care services use and if they are safe and environment friendly. These products work well when properly used, but you can also go for organic Option.

How will my query or concern be resolved?

You may have queries and concerns regarding the lawn care being provided therefore, it is necessary to have an available communication channel with the company. For many people, it becomes difficult to get a hold of their lawn care provider. So you need to check if they have proper communication ways, such as an app or person allocated for it. You can also check their review to verify it. 

Can you refer your clients for testimonials?

You can check the lawn providers’ reviews on their websites and other groups and forums. However, you can also ask them to refer you to their client so you can directly call and know about them. They will be willing to share that with you if they are a good service. 

What kind of applications do you use?

There are two types of applications liquid and granular. Depending on the season conditions, each application is applied. Weed application is better in liquid application as it gives better control over the areas it goes. At the same time, fertilizer application can be done in combination. The lawn care-related questions will help to access their expertise and will make you understand the process better.

Will the applications be harmful to pets and children?

Robust and chemical applications can harm your pets, children, and the environment. Therefore, you must validate that EPA approval[2] is given on lawn care services products. 

When can the kids and children go back to the lawn after an application?

You must let the application absorb and dry before returning to the lawn. Hence wait 1 to 3 hours before letting your pets and children on the lawn. You can also ask your provider to notify you at every application visit about the drying time of the lawn. 

How are granular applications different from liquid ones?

Fertilizers have two types of applications; granular and liquid. The granular applications are slowly released into the soil and must not be reapplied. They need to be watered to make them effective. Liquid fertilizers are dissolved minerals sprayed, which absorb quickly and provide immediate results.

What fertilizers do you use?

Different fertilizers exist organic, inorganic, nitrogen, and many others [3]. Depending upon your preference and the benefits, you can ask the lawn providers to add those certain fertilizers to your lawn.

How is a missed scheduled appointment managed?

Tracking the lawn care provider’s visits is essential to know your lawn is serviced consistently. If an appointment is missed due to bad weather, how is it scheduled, and are you updated timely? Or the procedure to alter the scheduled visit when required.

What kind of pesticides do you use?

There are different types of pesticides[4] and treatments available. Depending on your lawn’s conditions and preferences, the lawn care service provider will brief you on the organic and inorganic options.

How should I prepare my lawn before the first application?

If you only go for limited services, you must ask the lawn provider to brief you on the preparation beforehand. You should rake the lawn to remove all the dead leaves and debris before an application is made. It will also help in the quick absorption of the application.

How long will it take for the weeds to disappear after the lawn services begin?

All weeds are different; some take longer, and some take less to disappear completely. Although when weed control starts, you will see a difference in 10 to 14 days. They will start to discolor, twist and wither away. It may take multiple visits for more difficult weeds to see a difference. For this, it is best to have the treatment continue year-long.

What packages and discounts do you offer?

Each treatment costs differently depending upon the products, visits, and area. Most companies offer discounts on selecting multiple treatments, or you can choose from their packages. Sometimes you also further get a discount on advance full payment. So before selecting a lawn care services provider, make your budget and compare the packages offered. 


  1.  Is there a demand for lawn care services in the US?

The lawn care services industry is growing and is expected to expand further from 2023 onwards. Its growth rate is 5% each year. The US has the most significant landscape industry, which is doing well and in much demand. 

  1. How does lawn maintenance help the environment?

When the root system is healthy, it purifies the groundwater and improves soil erosion. It also prevents your property from damaging due to flooding. A healthy lawn improves the air quality of the area.

  1. What are the reasons behind my lawn being yellow?

Your lawn must have some deficiencies due to which it is changing color. Most of the time, the lawn turns yellow due to a lack of nitrogen and iron. When nitrogen deficiency, you will also see extensive collections of clover.

  1. How many times should I fertilize my soil?

A well-fed lawn combats the harshness of the weather and enhances the beauty of your turf. Therefore you need to fertilize at least twice a year. To make it even more beautiful and healthier, fertilizer four times a year. 


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