How to Properly Edge Your Lawn for a Polished Look?

Your lawn may have countless beautiful plants and flowers, but if the edges are not perfect, they will ruin the crispness of the lawn as well. But what kind of sorcery do some homeowners do to make their lawns so fantastical? A simple web search of lawn treatment services near me can help you nail the magic behind the scene. But which service will make your lawn look like that?

Upon close observation, you’ll see that the neatly trimmed edges of the lawn do all the trick, and the technique goes as ‘lawn edging.’ In this snippet, we’ll discuss how professionals can help you get that bewitching lawn appeal. 

How Do Professionals Edge Your Lawn?

Lawn edging enhances the overall appeal of your property. Studies hint that a well-groomed lawn can increase your house value by 10 to 15% [1]. Furthermore, it promotes a healthy and disease-free lawn. But how is it done to ensure the mentioned perks? The following section will clear your doubts. 

1. The Art of Precise Mowing

The first step in lawn edging is mowing. This step indicates the length needed along the edges of the lawn to create a more symmetrical look. Professional lawnmowers avoid cutting grass more than one-third of the blade’s length, as this results in bare patches and weak roots. 

2. Proper Path Planning

Edging isn’t random, and sketching the path is critical to creating the intended look. Professionals commonly prefer tools like tapes, edging tools, or thin ropes because they are more precise than spray paints and result in a more defined look [2]. 

However, it is not always necessary for these personnel to carry a bag of ropes and tape. Their experience and expertise allow them to analyze things that are hidden from the naked eye and ultimately adopt the right measures for a precise finish. 

3. Careful Selection of Tools

The right edger can make all the difference. Edgers are both manual and motorized. The motorized ones usually run on batteries, gasoline, or electricity and undoubtedly get the job done faster. However, manual ones give you ultimate precision. 

So, when you are searching for lawn treatment services near me, be sure to mention the desired timeframe so the service providers can select the perfect tools for accurate results. Some professionals also prefer trimmers instead of edgers. If you have any preferences, you can indicate them while making an appointment. 

4. The Edging Process

Once all the parameters mentioned above are in place, the real work begins. However, without the right expertise, there can be significant challenges. Buried hazards like plumbing pipes and electricity wires often get cut during the edging process. 

Therefore, professionals thoroughly inspect any lines under the lawn to prevent such inconveniences and accidents. Since this is a necessary step and proves time-consuming, you can facilitate it by providing a map of the lines in the lawn. 

5. Defining Curves 

Trimming clean curves along the curvatures of the lawn is one of the most significant challenges for homeowners. However, bidding them farewell gets easy when you hire professional lawn mowing services. 

Since curves require more precision, professionals tend to opt for string trimmers or half-moon edgers [2]. Trimmers create more curvy paths, while edgers make excellent straighter paths. Knowing about the patterns each tool helps create can help you clarify your requirements when searching for lawn treatment services near me.

6. Taking Care of Jagged Areas

Most homeowners can’t help but admire their handiwork after trimming and assume that all is complete. However, for an expert eye, pointing out the imperfections is relatively easy. Imperfect bushes, hanging branches, or improper flowerbeds can make all your hard work go up in smoke. 

Fortunately, hiring professionals helps you heave a shigh of relief as they can take of all the minor and major touch-ups so everything looks its best. 

7. Cleaning The Mess

Cleaning after completing the task seems tougher than the task itself. However, if you avail of professional services, you can rest assured that they take proper cleaning measures to ensure that everything is faultless. 

Commonly, professionals opt for thick cleaning brushes as they only remove the cut grass without damaging the blades or roots. They can dispose of them, or you can ask them to put them in a garden trench, making organic fertilizers for the other plants. 

Common Issues That May Pop Up When Edging Your Lawn

If you have opted for an authentic lawn service professional, you won’t have to worry about any of the issues mentioned below. However, still, it is important to have some knowledge about the possible pitfalls. 

1. Inappropriately Cleaned Area

Cleaning the garden is critically important before beginning the edging process. Since the process starts with mowing the lawn, it must be free from debris and obstacles. 

Therefore, it is important to give the professionals the time they need and avoid rushing them so there are no inconveniences later. 

2. Setting Wrong Depth

Choosing the wrong depth for edging can make all the efforts go in vain. If it’s too shallow, it may not precisely achieve a crisp lawn. If it’s too deep, it may result in uneven patches [3]. 

The best solution here is to consult the professionals and find out what they think will work best for your lawn. After hearing their suggestions, you can ask them about your specific requirements and how they can help with them. 

3. Lack of Maintenance

Lawn edging isn’t eternal, but it is an important factor to keep in mind when hiring professional services. You’ll need to set up periodic maintenance to ensure the perfection remains intact. 

Searching for a lawn services company every time may be time-consuming, so it is better to save the contacts of the best lawn treatment services near me for swift solutions. 

Final Words of Advice

Achieving a beautifully edged lawn is the outcome of meticulous planning, the right tools, and expert execution. Professional lawn treatments not only enhance your property’s curb appeal but also contribute to its overall health and value. Moreover, they help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure a pristine finish. 

If you’re seeking top-notch lawn treatment services near me, contact Real Green Truf. Our expertise and attention to detail will help you maintain a lawn that stands out in your neighborhood. With Real Green Truf, you can enjoy a lush, well-edged lawn year-round. 


  1. How long does lawn edging last?

Lawn edging lasts for about the whole year if you get it done at the end of June. However, if you opt for edging twice a year, it will create a more uniform look. [4] 

  1. What benefits does lawn edging offer?

Lawning enhances your lawn’s appeal and increases its overall value. Moreover, it prevents weed growth, water pooling, and pests. 

  1. When is the best time to get my lawn edged?

The most preferred seasons for lawn edging are summer and spring. However, there is no hard and fast rule for getting a lawn edged. When you observe the outskirts of your yard are getting untidy, it is time for an edging.

  1. How can you make your lawn edges look more vibrant?

Straight edges look classy, but to some extent, they are not what you call ‘creative.’ Instead, you can try creating zigzag edges, curves, or slight waves with pebbles to make a unique appearance. Planting low-growing plants on the borders also creates a rhythmic look. 






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