Lawn Mower Maintenance Checklist – 10 Pro Tips

Maintaining your lawn mower is like giving it a spa day! Regular inspection ensures it runs smoothly, lasts longer, and gives your lawn that perfect trim. Hence, this blog will explore 10 practical tips often overlooked but crucial for your mower’s well-being. 

From regular cleaning to blade care and filter changes, these simple steps will extend the mower’s life and keep your turf year-round. So, let’s delve into the checklist now!

10 Essential Tips for Lawn Mower Maintenance

Even though lawn mower maintenance is considered to be simple, the most important steps are often overlooked. Starting with the basics, let’s discuss 10 practical mower tips that can improve performance.

Tip 1# Regular Cleaning

Neglectance is the main issue in lawn mower maintenance. Specially neglecting the removal of grass clippings and debris can impede the mower’s efficiency and lead to overheating. [1] Imagine a kitchen appliance—you wouldn’t leave spilled food in your blender, right? Similarly, allowing your turf to accumulate under the mower deck can obstruct airflow, causing the engine to work harder.

  • Disconnect the spark plug for safety.
  • Scrape off debris from the mower deck.
  • Clean the undercarriage with a hose.
  • Check the blades for damage and clean them. 

Tip 2# Blade Care

Mower blades are one example of something that people often use until they are beyond repair. Having dull or broken blades can make your lawns uneven, and how well they cut depends on their condition. Regularly inspect and sharpen the blades for optimal performance. If it’s challenging, seek expert help.

  • Regularly check blade sharpness.
  • Sharpen blades with a file or grinder.
  • Sharpen at least once a season for optimal performance

Tip 3# Oil Level and Changes

Just as the brain is to humans, the engine is essential to the mower’s performance and longevity. The oil prevents engine parts from damage by reducing friction and wear. Changing the oil at the recommended times and checking the oil level often is like giving your engine fresh air.

  • Keep oil between markers on the dipstick.
  • Change the oil every 25 hours or as per the manual.

Tip 4# Air Filter Replacement

An air filter is a crucial component for optimal performance. Imagine it as the mower’s respiratory system; proper combustion requires clean and smooth airflow, which it provides. You risk engine damage, increased fuel consumption, and diminished power if you neglect to inspect the air filter. [2]

  • Ensures good airflow for combustion.
  • Change the air filter at least once a season or more in dusty conditions.

Tip 5# Tyre Care

Think of your lawn mower’s tires like the right shoes for walking. Taking care of them is crucial for the mower’s performance. Good tire care means your mower moves smoothly and stays stable on the grass, making it easier to cut your lawn.

  • Adjust to the recommended levels in your mower’s manual.
  • Adequate pressure ensures optimal traction and prevents uneven cutting.
  • Well-inflated tires offer better stability and control.
  • Uneven or low pressure affects the lawn’s appearance, so keep them adequately inflated.

Tip 6# Fuel System Maintenance

Storing your mower with untreated fuel can lead to clogged fuel lines and carburetor issues. [3] Use fuel stabilizers and consider draining the tank if storing for an extended period.

  • Use fresh, clean fuel without additives.
  • Consider using fuel stabilizers to prevent fuel degradation during periods of inactivity.
  • Drain or use up old fuel before storing the mower for an extended period.
  • Periodically inspect and clean the fuel filter.
  • Run the mower for a few minutes after adding a fuel stabilizer to circulate treated fuel through the system.

Tip 7# Belt Inspection and Adjustment

Belts in a lawn mower are like the engine’s power transmission system, responsible for transferring power to various components.  Belts transfer power from the engine to various parts, such as blades and wheels. That’s why they play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation and efficient cutting. [4]

  • Check for signs of wear, cracking, or stretching.
  • Adjust tension using the lever, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Replace worn belts promptly to maintain optimal performance.

Tip 8# Lubrication Points

Identifying and adequately lubricating key points ensures a smooth and efficient operation, like oiling the hinges on a squeaky door. But still, if you face a problem, consult real green pest and lawn experts. 

  • Lubrication lessens friction between moving parts, reducing wear.
  • Regular lubrication extends the life of components and ensures smooth performance.

Tip 9# Storage Tips

Skipping storage care may cause rust, corrosion, and a slow start next season. This will not happen if you clean your mower by removing grass and other junk, changing the oil, or cleaning or replacing the air filter. Don’t forget to disconnect the spark plug and remove the battery before storing it for an extended period. 

  • Store the mower in a sheltered, dry area.
  • Protect the mower from dust and water by covering it.

Tip 10# Spark Plug Inspection

The spark plug acts as the match to ignite the engine’s fire. Without a functional spark plug, your mower won’t work, plus there is a great chance of a short circuit. Regularly inspecting and replacing spark plugs is important for optimal engine performance.

  • Remove the spark plug using a socket wrench.
  • Examine the electrode for wear and deposits.
  • Use a gap tool to ensure the gap between the electrodes is correct, or contact the real green lawn service experts.
  • Replace a worn or damaged spark plug.

Bonus Tip for Professional Maintenance

For the ultimate lawn mower care, consider professional maintenance services from reputable providers for your real green pest and lawn in Central Arkansas Turf. These experts specialize in real green turf solutions and offer top-notch lawn mower maintenance. 

Just as you trust a skilled mechanic for your car, entrusting your mower to professionals ensures a thorough check-up. Real Green Lawn Service, for instance, provides comprehensive inspections, addresses potential issues, and enhances the longevity of your equipment, giving you a lush, well-maintained lawn season after season. 

Professional care complements your efforts, making your mower a reliable workhorse for picture-perfect real green turf.


In summary, prioritize lawn mower maintenance with essential tips like cleaning, blade care, oil changes, and air filter replacement. Ensure tire care, inspect belts, identify lubrication points, and follow proper storage practices. For an extra edge, professional maintenance services from trusted providers for your Central Arkansas turf. Their expertise in real green turf solutions and meticulous care ensure your mower performs optimally, delivering a beautifully manicured lawn.


  1. What is lawnmower maintenance?

Lubricate points, change air filters and oil, and maintain blades and spark plugs.

  1. On what frequency should a lawnmower be serviced?

After 25 hours or once a year, for optimal results, consult a professional.

  1. How often should a lawnmower be cleaned?

Clean after every use to prevent accumulation and preserve effectiveness.






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